Welcome to my portfolio website 2.0! I’m Ashley Madden.

I thought it was about time for a refresh and update. The goal: something simple anyone interested in knowing about me could look at and navigate through. You can find information about me, my resume, a small sample of my portfolio, and the blog. Generally, I won’t be posting on the blog much, though I do have goals of posting more often as things in life calm down. Enjoy!

Also, here are a few fun things to know about me:

  1. I love nature – I spend most of my free time outside hiking, running, camping, and exploring.
  2. I’m a nerd and geek – Star Trek is better than Star Wars. PlayStation is better than Xbox.
  3. My hobby is new hobbies – Past hobbies include photography, modeling, jewelry making, and rock climbing (which I want to get back into.)

Now for a few things that’ll help you understand how I work:

  1. My personal social media is not representative of my social media skills – I don’t stick to a schedule and I don’t care about follower numbers. They’re my personal accounts, that’s all.
  2. I care very much about sustainability – Leave no trace and taking care of our natural world is one of the more important guiding beliefs in my life.
  3. Remote work is the future of work – I’ve worked remotely since before graduating college. Studies have shown that remote workers are healthier, more productive, and happier. It’s also great for businesses.

Looking to learn more? Feel free to reach out through LinkedIn or Twitter!