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Public speaker helping the world’s women.

I’m a public speaker, podcast guest, and guest writer. Above all else, I love talking to people about sustainability, entrepreneurship, female leadership, and the future of work. Generally speaking, I talk with high school students, college students, young women, and groups such as members of a club with an interest in one of the above topics. 

Let me help your members. 

I have a story to tell that would help you help your members, audience, or students. Throughout my life, I’ve been presented with learning opportunities in the form of failure, bullying, and sexual assault. As an adult, I educated myself through college and traveling the world. Now, I’m a young female business owner – a whole different set of challenges and learning opportunities. I’d love to use all this to help your audience. 

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Why me?

I have a story to tell.

In short, my failures in business, school, and life taught me to persevere. Bullying and sexual assault taught me to embrace who I am and stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves. My education and travels helped me to understand where we are in the world. My experience as a female business owner has given me the perspective I needed to help advocate for the future of work. 

Let’s show your audience what it means to be strong, independent, unique, and powerful.

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Topics Covered


Why is there still a pay gap? Why are women “bossy?”

Women aren’t bossy, they are leadership material. The pay gap is real and can be fixed with simple mindset changes. Women can succeed in business, child, children, or childless. We deserve equal opportunity in the workplace. 

Let’s show the world that women are powerful.


The future of work is remote and flexible. 

The 40+ hour workweek is out of date. Mothers and fathers should get paid off time to bond with their new child. Employers should be required to give off time. Freelancers and contractors should have minimum wages and protections. Remote work is real work. 

Change will take time, let’s start the clock now.


In all factors of life, the world must come first.

Businesses should be ethical and sustainable. It’s okay to be passionate about too many things. Pick one thing as a focus; but, don’t hate others for not picking your thing. Leave the world better than you found it, even if just in one small way. You can help others help the world, you don’t have to do everything yourself. 

The world needs us to help each other help it.


Starting a successful business isn’t easy.

Think about your values when creating a product. Don’t start a business without a business plan. Learn from failure and don’t accept defeat. Do five things each day to reach your goals. Network with everyone you can, even if introverted. Money isn’t needed, mostly.

You will be a business owner, all you need is time.

Remote work makes employees happier, more productive, and better at their job.

Future of Work

What you call “bossy” I call “leadership” – plain and simple.

Female Leadership

Starting a business young comes with a few challenges.


It’s our job to make the world a better place – starting with how we approach business.

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