Ashley Madden’s Portfolio

Welcome to my portfolio; I’m Ashley Madden. A few things to note: this portfolio represents all my past hobbies, current hobbies, and some of the more professional things I’ve done in my career. I chose to add everything to show you who I am as a person, which affects what I can accomplish should we work together.

Generally, I don’t update this page of my website very often. However, if I start a new hobby or add something new to my skillset, then expect a new portfolio piece showing my best work in that area. Also, I might update an older portfolio piece with new work if that hobby is ongoing or if I’ve restarted it.

Also, I view myself as both creative and logical. As such, expect to see things that use both “sides” of that spectrum. For example, writing technical articles versus jewelry making or photography. In addition, I’m always looking to learn new skills. In fact, each year, I aim to learn at least one completely new skill so I can keep myself in a student/learning mindset.

In 2021, the skill I’m working on learning is very long-distance running. I’m running my first marathon in November, which I believe will teach me how to push myself without pushing so hard I burnout (something I’ve struggled with before.) So expect a new portfolio piece about that in the future.