Project Description

While traveling the world in 2019 and early 2020, I started guesting on podcasts and writing guest posts on blogs. My goal: to share my knowledge about things I’m passionate about in life. However, there was a problem.

I was passionate about too many things (and I still am.) So for a while, I stopped. I wanted to focus on one or two topics about which I could make a real impact.

Topics that I could talk about for hours and teach to others. I thought long and hard about what I do and what I believe in and came up with two topics. Let’s come together and have productive talks about women in the workplace and the future of work.

If you’d like to see past things I’ve worked on or topics I’d love to help your team, your students, or your audience learn more about, please take a look below.

Topic Ideas

Women in the Workplace

  • Required 100% paid parental leave

  • Causes (and solutions) of unequal pay

  • Realities of being a stay at home mom and business owner

  • Interview differences between job searching women and men

The Future of Work

  • Hybrid schedules for

  • Remote workers are often more productive (and happier)
  • Remote work is often better for businesses too
  • Sustainability and remote work

Past Podcasts, Guest Posts, and Appearances

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