Project Description


In 2019 and early 2020, I traveled to Europe, Japan, and New Zealand with my husband. During this time, I realized I wanted to learn a new (and easy to travel with) hobby. So, I picked up a decent digital camera and brought it on the road with me. As a result, I captured all the places we traveled to while learning a new skill. Now, I’m not a pro, but I am proud.

On occasion, I’ve used this new skill to create a featured photo for a client’s blog or to do product photography for someone who couldn’t afford a professional photographer. In the future, I expect to add real estate photography to this portfolio as well. That said, I don’t have a style, favorite subject, or theme. Instead, I photograph what I think is beautiful to learn to learn to better use the camera and the Adobe suite.

So, I present my photography portfolio. These are a few of the better shots I’ve taken while traveling to England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, and more. I expect to update this portfolio as the pandemic comes to an end, and I can do a bit of traveling around Georgia this summer.