Project Description

If you had asked in high school, or even college, what my career would be, I never would have guessed writing. The fact is, I would have thought that the least likely option with science or math being at the top of the list. However, over the years, I found my passion. I love learning about new topics, digging in deep to become a mini subject matter expert, and fitting in SEO while still focusing on the reader.

I’ve written for brands big and small across a wide variety of industries. Now, I have an extensive content writing portfolio. However, to save time, a PDF of works has been created for you to download and read through. You can download it by clicking on the button below. It’s 32 pages long and contains nine examples of my work as a writer.

Within this PDF of content writing, I’ve added long-form works (over 1000 words,) short-form works (under 1000,) and case studies from various industries and in a range of writing styles. Keep in mind; I have made edits to the articles to protect my client’s privacy. For example, I’ve removed their brand names and any internal or external links that might give who they are away. That said, no other changes have been made.

Download Writing Samples