Ashley Madden’s Blog

Before you dive in, there are a few important things to know about this blog and my writing style. First, I post about once per week or biweekly unless something major is happening in my life. Generally, I write about marketing, content writing, real estate, women in the workplace, and the future of work. The first three on that list are directly tied to my day job. The last two are my passions. That said, I might also post about sustainability, my life, dreams, or something completely off the wall. My goal is to write and to get better at writing (and SEO.)

That said, this is a personal blog and, in many ways, a place where I test new things out. I do this because I enjoy getting my thoughts out, which helps me as a writer. So… there might be spelling errors or grammatical issues. I’m not perfect, and after eight hours of writing at my day job, things will slip past. Also, I’m human. If something on here offends of you disagree, please let me know! My goal is to learn and grow, never offend. I do my research before writing a piece, but that doesn’t mean I’m always right.

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