Hobbies take your mind off of work and allow you to have fun. To me, this means rock climbing, running, photography, filming, editing, and hiking. As you might notice, most of the hobbies I enjoy involve continued learning and education in addition to getting in shape. Though I believe that hobbies should be about having fun and doing something you enjoy, I also think they should, in some way, improve your mind or body.

Recently, I got back into film editing. Months ago, I got the adobe subscription. At first, I spent quite a bit of time playing in all of the programs Adobe has to offer. One person said, “you’re not making money from Adobe. So why pay for it just to have poke around?” I said, “Well, many people spend hundreds of alcohol and tobacco. I don’t drink or smoke. Why not pay for the adobe suite each month so I can learn and have a bit of fun?” Then I got busy with work and life.

Taking It Easy

As months have gone by, I’ve opened up Adobe less and less. FInally, I went a few weeks without touching the program. That’s when I realized most of my hobbies had fizzled out from too much work. Rather than let this happen, I made myself get back into editing. Via Adobe and Skillshare, I spend a few hours a week working on a photo, graphic, and picture just to learn how. While I might never amke tons of money from my skill, they have allowed me to obtain a greater creative eye and relax after a hard day’s work. Here’s a bit about the videos I’ve been working on.

Workshop Terra

Months ago, I made a travel website. That was during my “I’m, going to learn how to make websites” phase. I liked the idea; however, a travel site requires a bit too much time and commitment (without pay) to be a worthy hobby. After a few months running the site, I got the idea to focus on something I was a bit more passionate about. Helping the earth. I thought, “I’m already making videos for fun, I might as well make them about something I care about.” I decided to create a channel that talked about all the good that people are doing for the planet, whether a nonprofit, or an entire city. The problem (as usual,) is time. 

In truth, I don’t have much time to create these videos. I have ideas, it’ll just take time to get there. I’ve made a goal of getting one video out every two weeks. We’ll see if my work like allows that to happen. Until then, take a look at the first video I ever made. Voluntold episode one.

Travel Vlogs

My other major endeavor in video editing is vlogs. As a digital nomad, I am always traveling and exploring new places. That means a constant stream of new photos and videos to be played with. Since I don’t have time to connect with nonprofits at the moment, I knew practicing my video editing via travel vlogs woulf be just as fun. That’s why I use my regualr channel to create travel vlogs. I try to get a new video with every trip we take. So long as I am having fun making them, chances are I’ll be learnign things I can use elsewhere. 

Do your hobbies help you learn or are they just there to help you relax?