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Meet Ashley Madden

Multi-Disciplined Entrepreneur

I’m working on quite a few things – I’m the marketing strategist of Chianti Marketing, the creative mind of Workshop Terra (on hold), the co-founder of Bird Dog Visuals, crafter of Hela Handcrafted, a public speaker, and a model. Soon, I’ll also be a licensed real estate agent! In other words, I don’t like to slow down.

To start, Helianthus Advising is a marketing agency that has specialized experience in sustainable businesses and the construction and real estate industries. Workshop Terra is a “project” through which I create videos about things that are changing the world for the better – currently on pause. Bird Dog Visuals is a photography and videography service for Atlanta area construction and real estate businesses. Finally, Hela Handcrafted is where I sell handmade felt, crochet, and other crafts. 

Moving away from businesses, as a public speaker, I love to talk to high school students, college students, and podcasts about entrepreneurship, female leadership, sustainability, and the future of work (remote work.) As a bonus, I’m in the process of getting my real estate license and do modeling work on the side for fun!

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Who is Ashley Madden?

An altruistic and unorthodox nature-loving entrepreneur off galavanting to save the earth.


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Why so busy?

Three businesses. One project. Two side-hustles.

As you might have gathered, I don’t sit still very often. As such, my current activities list tends to be on the longer side. However, pretty much all my efforts can be boiled down to, “help people help the world.”

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